“Post Scriptum”: Permanent Seminar

The Permanent Seminar was founded as an initiative of the participants of the Workshop ETHICS OF THE UKRAINE WAR 16-17th of February 2023.

One of the proposals made by the participants of the workshop was to organize a permanent ongoing philosophical seminar (regularity - once a month) to discuss the issues of "Ethics of the Ukraine War" and a wider range of ethical, moral, political, social problems related to the new historical and civilizational stage in which we have entered.

The focus of the proposed seminar is philosophical methodology, philosophical and epistemological tools for understanding this range of problems, a such named philosophical laboratory.

The organizer and host of the seminar is Inna Golubovych, Professor, Head of Philosophy Deparment, Odessa I. I. Mechnikov University, Odessa, Ukraine.

We invite researchers, scholars, university teachers, graduate students, masters to take part in this dialogue.

 Philosophy of War: 3 Influential Theorists

Website of initial workshop headed by Christoph Lumer: http://www.lumer.info/?page_id=2116

More detail about initial workshop 

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